How To Fix 'Recycle IIS Application Pool: Provider load failure' With Visual Studio And Sharepoint


Have you ever received the dreaded 'Recycle IIS Application Pool:  Provider load failure' message when trying to deploy and run a Sharepoint Solution from Visual Studio?  No need to reboot, just put the following lines in a .bat file, and run it as Administrator.



net stop SPTimerV4
net start SPTimerV4
net stop SPUserCodeV4
net start SPUserCodeV4
net stop SPAdminV4
net start SPAdminV4
REM net stop TrustedInstaller
REM net start TrustedInstaller
REM net stop Winmgmt
REM net start Winmgmt
REM net stop W3SVC
REM net start W3SVC


If that does not work, try removing the REM statements, and it should work..

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