The Many Boot Modes Of Mac OSX Lion


Have you ever wanted to boot to recovery or safe mode?



Target Disk Mode

Option + T

Command Line Mode

Command + S

type fsck -cy


Recovery Mode or Selectable Boot Mode

Command + R or Option


Safe Mode

Hold Shift after startup tone on boot

Release when you see the Apple in the center of the screen


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Internal Speaker Stops Working After Unplugging Headphones On A MacBook Pro


Have  you ever unplugged your headphones, and the internal speaker does not work, and it is simply greyed out?  You will also see a red light coming out of the headphone jack.



Use a toothpick and wiggle it in the headphone jack hole.  You can also insert and remove the headphones a few times and the internal speaker should kick on.



Sees to be a sensor gets stuck that turns on the Optical Input inside the headphone jack.