How To Display A Root List In a Sub-Site in Share Point Online


Have you ever wanted to show a List that was created at the root level site in a sub-site?  For example below we want to show the list "MyList" which was created in Site A in subSite B.

Site A -> MyList

Site A -> SubSite B -> MyList



To accomplish this, navigate to the root level. 

Create a Web Part Page. 

Export the Web Part Page to the Web Part Gallery.

Navigate to the page in the sub site where you want to see the list, and Add the Web Part from the Web Part Gallery

Now your list will appear in the sub-site.



I have ran into issues when using IE 64-bit.  in particular with exporting Web Parts, and also with having the DataSheet View button enabled.

How To Redirect The Office 365 Team Link


When you click on the Team Site link in Office 365, it takes you to  The issue is, that we really want to go to


To accomplish this, I added a CEWP to the, that has a simple script that redirects to the page I really want to go to.


<script teyp="text/javascript">window.location.href = "";</script>



So now the obvious, how do I ever edit the page again?  To do this I used SharePoint Designer.  Simply open the site by placing the root url in the location to open input (sitename/SitePages/).  From there I can now edit the page and the CEWP.