How To Fix BOOTMGR Is Missing Error Message In VMWare / Windows


Have you ever received the message "BootMgr is missing" error message, when booting to Windows from VMWare?  This is due to, or can be due to the Boot Partition not being marked as active.  The fix is easy, you just need GParted, and about 15 minutes of time. 



1.  Download GParted here

2.  Mount the GParted Live iso in VMare.  To do this, go to VMWare -> Settings -> CD

     2.1   Next choose "Select disk or disk image"

     2.2  Select the GParted ISO.

3.  Restart VM

4.  In GParted select to Boot Partition, choose "Manage Flags", and select "boot".  This makes it the Boot Partition again.

5.  Close GParted, and restart VM.  Windows will now boot. 



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