How To Remove "Log In" link from BlogEngine.Net Sites


Have you ever wanted to get rid of the "log in" link that appears on sites created with BlogEngine.Net?



1.  Edit the PageMenu.cs page that is located in BlogEngine.Net\App_Code\Controls\PageMenu.cs

2.  Chagne the BindPages() method to be the code below.

3.  Build BlogEngine.Net, and copy the DLLs to your "bin" folder.


private HtmlGenericControl BindPages()
            // recursivly get all children of the root page
            HtmlGenericControl ul = GetChildren(Guid.Empty);

            // items that will be appended to the end of menu list
            AddMenuItem(ul, Contact, "~/contact.aspx");

            if (Security.IsAuthenticated)
                AddMenuItem(ul, Logoff, "~/Account/login.aspx?logoff");
                //AddMenuItem(ul, Logon, "~/Account/login.aspx");

            return ul;




All I did was comment out the else so that "log in" never appears.  If you navigate to http://site/account/login.aspx, you can log in.  In the event you do log in, you will get a "log out" link, but will never get the "log in" link.

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