Considering NordicTrack, Read This First!!!!!

Are you considering buying a NordicTrack machine, if so read this carefully.  I purchased an Elite Elliptical for $999 about 9 months ago.  It started making a thumping sound, so on January 11, 2016 I called NordicTrack.  I was on hold for about 30 minutes before I gave up.  A couple days later, I called back, and again gave up after 30 minutes on hold.  On January 20, 2016 I filled out a support ticket on their site.  No response back from them at all.  Today, February 4, 2016 I called back and this time waited until I got an agent on the phone.  They had no record of my support ticket even though I have a confirmation email from the request.  Now I know why the hold times are unacceptable.  The agent first had to collect a bunch of information that was already on the account profile page I filled out weeks ago.  Next, they had me go to the machine, with a toolbox of tools to begin troubleshooting.  Luckily I am an engineer by trade, because I do not see a un-handy person SAFELY doing the things I was asked to do.  I was asked to take the cover off of the flywheel to check inside for a unaligned belt.  Then I was asked to take another cover off of the inside of the flywheel to look at that side of the wheel.  I was then asked to take the top cover off of the wheel case.  I spent over 1 hr with this agent "troubleshooting" this device.  Incredibly, the issue is coming from a part of the machine that came preassembled.  

The machine is a good machine from a functionality standpoint.  But the service is TERRIBLE.  Long hold times, BS troubleshooting, and as a very last effort they may send a tech.  The caveat is they cannot send a technician UNLESS they also order a part.  So it appears you better be able to troubleshoot for them, because without a part, there is no service visit.

I would never buy another NordicTrack anything.  When we moved I sold my elliptical so that I could buy this one, and in hindsight that was a foolish decision.  The service and support are the WORST I have ever seen.