How To Fix Blank Page In Sharepoint Central Admin Due To 500 Internal Error


Have you ever had an Internal 500 error when you open Sharepoint Central Admin?



Step 1, is to enable failed request tracking for the Central Admin Site.  This is done by opening IIS, clicking on the Central Admin Site, and choosing Failed Request Tracking.

Step 2, is to open Central Admin again, and view the failed request log.

Step 3, in my case, the Sharepoint14Module was causing an issue.  "Module 'Sharepoint14Module' could not be found' was the message.

Step 4, the message in step 3 pointed me to the ApplicationHost.config file.  Sure enough, that module was pointed to an App Pool that did not exist.

Step 5, change the App Pool to a valid App Pool, and save the ApplicationHost.confg file.

All should be well, assuming your issue was due to a module error.



The key to this post, is that failed request tracking saved the day.  I was not getting anything in the Sharepoint log, or the IIS log at all.  By enabling failed request tracking, I was able to pinpoint the error that was really happening, and fix it.

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