Does My MacBook Pro Take 16GB of RAM When Then Specs Say It Takes 8GB Maximum


Have you wondered if your MacBook Pro will handle 16GB of RAM?



The answer is MAYBE.  I have a MacBook Pro 17", 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 machine, and it in fact will take 16GB of RAM.  It uses DDR3 1333MHz, 204 pin Crucial memory.  The rule of thumb is to go to the Crucial website.  Once you locate the memory that you need, you can buy it from them, or in my case I went to Micro Center's website and purchased it there. I paid 64.99 per 8GB, pretty cheap, I thought.  Next i simply popped in the new RAM, and it was off and running!



I am pretty sure this is not documented or supported by Apple.

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